Harry Styles → X Factor UK [12/15]

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I got into Reed! 


i plan on not dying so i can keep my title as the ‘worst person alive’ forever


i am everything

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jaejaeunique asked: What your fav color?



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Ten Obamacare Predictions for 2014


Obamacare’s problems aren’t just website glitches. They’re systemic flaws that will do nothing to better the condition of health insurance in the U.S.. My favorite is number 4:

4. Another broken promise: Many members of Congress who voted for Obamacare did so because they wanted “universal coverage.” But we may end up further from that goal: If the numbers show that millions of those buying insurance on the exchanges had insurance before but lost it because it didn’t comply with Obamacare’s rules, we may wind up with fewer people with private insurance than before the $2.6 trillion law passed! That would be another betrayal of trust with the American people, who genuinely wanted to help expand access to health insurance.

Who would have thought that a federal government overhaul and regulatory apparatus would make healthcare more unaffordable and less available for those that need it? It’s not like I and many others have been predicting these effects since before the bill was passed.    

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